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Lechia milk is manufactured in the USA.

Lechia macadamia milks and chia and flax milks are filled with nourishment you won’t find in dairy milks or other milk alternatives like soy, almond or oat milks. Our milks are absolutely filled with an excellent source of Omega-3s, which support brain and heart health. Not to mention, our milks are good sources of calcium and fiber as well!

Yes. Our packaging is made from cardboard and is 100% recyclable.

Lechia milks are made from macadamia nuts or chia and flax seeds. Our milks include blends of 100% natural flavors. All of our ingredients are completely certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, carrageenan-free, non-GMO and verified by the FDA.

Here at Lechia, we are crazy about Omega-3’s and the immense health benefits they provide. These nuts and seeds are excellent sources of Omega-3’s, as well as fiber, calcium and so much more.

Each of our silky smooth milks encapsulates its own luscious flavor. Chia and flax milk soothes the taste buds with a hint of nuttiness and vanilla without any added sugars. Our macadamia milks come in three flavors: original, vanilla and unsweetened. Original macadamia milk is made with a hint of non-GMO organic cane sugar and is sure to fulfill your lightly sweet dreams. Vanilla macadamia milk will tantalize your taste buds with silky vanilla — without the added sugar. Unsweetened macadamia milk will fulfill your taste for simplicity with no added sugars. All of our milks have an unmatched creaminess for blending into your favorite drinks and recipes.

Lechia milk is shelf stable and can be kept in the pantry for up to 12 months. After opening, milks should be refrigerated and used within 7-10 days.

Yes, all of our milks should be refrigerated after opening.

Yes! Lechia milks can be warmed up. While you can certainly freeze Lechia milks without compromising the nutritional integrity or safety of them, we do recommend sticking to refrigeration as freezing it may alter the texture when thawed.

Yes. Lechia milks are completely gluten-free, certified organic, vegan, kosher, non-GMO and verified by the FDA.

Yes, Lechia milks are 100% carrageenan-free.

Pea protein helps round out our unmatched creamy, milky Lechia mouthfeel. With zero gluten, lactose, or soy, pea protein is gentle on the stomach, and a cholesterol and saturated fat-free addition to our milks built in to benefit you.

Our chia and flax milk is completely nut-free. However, our macadamia nut milk is not suitable for people with nut allergies.

No. Lechia milk is 100% dairy-free, lactose free and vegan.

We use raw macadamia nuts to make our milks. Our milk undergoes an aseptic pasteurization process, which uses ultra-high temperature pasteurization techniques to guarantee sterile milk that is completely free from any harmful bacteria, as well as ensuring shelf stability.

All of our ingredients are completely certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO, keto and verified by the FDA.

Lechia milk is a perfect substitute for any milk. Plant-based milks can replace dairy milks in the exact same quantities. Simply use it as the recipe advises!

Lechia is a delicious, simple and smooth alternative to any dairy or non-dairy milks. We enjoy Lechia milks as a tasty and nourishing addition to smoothies, for frothing in lattes, for cooking, for baking and so much more. Check out our blog for some of our favorite recipes!

Studies have shown that Omega-3 ALA can support brain and heart health and lots more! Lechia is an excellent source of Omega-3 ALA.

Lechia macadamia and chia and flax milks are completely sugar-free except for our original macadamia milk sweetened with just a hint of non-GMO organic cane sugar.

The USDA Organic certification confirms safe and natural agricultural production practices that achieve a high level of quality both for ourselves and our planet. This means you can trust that what you’re consuming doesn’t have harmful synthetic materials in it that would end up in your body, and also means you’re supporting purposeful farming and cultivation practices that: promote resource cycling, foster ecological balance, maintain and improve soil and water quality, minimize the use of synthetic materials, help conserve biodiversity and restore ecological harmony.

To get technical, USDA Organic means that a product has been produced in accordance with rigorous federal guidelines that ensure an agricultural production practice is adhering to naturally derived farming practices and substances.

There are zero GMOs in Lechia products. The Non-GMO certification is the most rigorous third-party verification for validating non-GMO products in North America. Why does it matter? We’re big believers in “just labeling it” so you can make an informed decision about what’s going into your body. Also, a non-GMO seed supply supports the restoration of traditional seed breeding techniques and the right of farmers to both save and plant their own seeds, and grow varieties of their choice.

In order to abide by these standards, a product must be comprehensively evaluated by an independent party of inspectors, accredited testing laboratories and technical administrators for compliance with the standard developed by industry experts. A verified non-GMO system also supports organic agriculture by reducing contamination pressure and protecting the supply of non-GMO seeds.

Guaranteed 100% gluten-free. The Gluten Free GFCO standard is the highest form of independent verification of quality and integrity to verify a product as gluten-free. The GFCO standard was created as a certification in alignment with GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group). Products that carry the mark represent unmatched reliability for meeting the strictest of gluten-free federal standards.

Happy animals, happy people. The Verified Vegan certification assures you that your product: does not contain animal products or byproducts, has not been tested on animals and does not contain known animal-derived GMO’s or genes used to manufacture ingredients or finished products. Rest assured knowing that your purchase is as great for you as it is for the other creatures of our world, as well as for the planet itself. The Verified Vegan mission aims to eliminate animal suffering, reduce environmental impacts and improve human health.

Lechia is completely kosher, meaning zero dairy milk, meat ingredients or animal by-products are used in our milks. Our standard —The Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher standard — is the largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency internationally.

All of our products are free from the controversial carrageenan: an additive derived from red seaweed used to preserve, thicken and emulsify foods and drinks, especially dairy and dairy alternatives. Scientists have linked the additive to gastrointestinal issues as well as inflammation, food allergies, bloating, irritable bowel glucose intolerance, syndrome and colon cancer.

Our products are made without palm oil. The use of palm oil has attracted the concern of environmental groups due to deforestation in the tropics where palms are grown, and has been cited as a factor in social problems due to allegations of human rights violations among growers.
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