We're certified for sustainable practices
USDA Organic:
The USDA Organic certification confirms safe and natural agricultural production practices that achieve a high level of quality both for ourselves and our planet. This means you can trust that what you’re consuming doesn’t have harmful synthetic materials in it that would end up in your body, and also means you’re supporting purposeful farming and cultivation practices.
NON-GMO Project:
There are zero GMOs here. The NON-GMO certification is the most rigorous third-party verification for validating NON-GMO products in North America. Why does it matter? A NON-GMO seed supply helps with the restoration of traditional seed breeding techniques and supports the rights of farmers to save and plant their own seeds and grow varieties of their choice.
Gluten-free GFCO:
Guaranteed 100% gluten-free. The Gluten Free GFCO standard is the highest form of independent verification of quality and integrity to verify a product as gluten-free.
OU Kosher:
Completely kosher. Zero dairy milk, meat ingredients or animal by-products are used in our milks.
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