Chia & Flax Milk - Vanilla
4.6 | 255 Reviews
Chia & Flax Milk Vanilla
With a hint of nuttiness and vanilla, our chia and flax milk is sure to please your taste buds. Luscious and satisfying, it’s exceptional to drink straight or to use in your favorite recipes. Froth, Sip, Blend, Bake, Cook, Drink!
Good source of fiber
Excellent source of Omega-3
Good source of calcium
Why it's good for you
Nourishment without compromise. Enjoy plant-based milk that is packed with nutrients and encourages a healthier and more sustainable future. Milk that does more.
Omega-3 supports heart and brain health
Fiber supports a healthy digestion
Calcium helps build strong bones
Healthy nutrition
Macadamia and chia and flax, oh my! Filled with fiber, calcium and an excellent source of omega-3s, Lechia is redefining “milk”. Lechia has honed in on delivering a silky and nutrient-packed non-dairy alternative that beats your regular options.
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Only 5 arrived
By Carmen M.
Never again. Sorry but that's not possible at all. I ordered a secher Pack but only 5 of them arrived. Very unprofesionell.
Not to recommend
By James W.
I expected more from it, to be honest. It just tastes like nut flavored water, it’s very disappointing. i used the milk to make my lattés in the morning, making it taste watered down. i won’t be buying it again.
I like it but my wife does not
By Albert E.
I really like this milk but my wife likes regular milk more.
A bit too watery
By Benjamin J.
Found this a bit too watery but generally its okay.
Tasty but a bit more expensive
By Sophia N.
This is a great substitute for regular milk. Also has more Omega-3. Just the price is a bit more expensive.
Flax Milk is great
By Joel A.
I have never heard of flax milk before. Gave it a try and i am pleaseantly surprised!
Great taste but texture was a bit watery
By Alexander Q.
A bit watery texture
Love Lechia's chia and flax milk
By Kiara M.
I’ve been on a quest to find the best plant-based, nut-free milks and 2 years later it’s safe to say I’ve finally found a winner: Lechia’s chia and flax milk. The texture of this chia and flax milk is soooo creamy and satisfying. This is a must try y’all!
I love this Chia Flax Milk Vanilla!
By Chanel H.
I love this Chia Flax Milk Vanilla! Also, I love that it's not too overly sweet. As someone who's lactose sensitive, I def recommend this to anyone looking for healthy and delicious milk alternatives!
Chia Flax milk tastes amazingly good
By Chris B.
I recently switched to dairy free alternatives to improve my health. The Chia Flax milk tastes amazingly good and is sweet. Benefits from macadamia milk could be promoting health. I really enjoy it and I will buy it regularly.
Pretty good :)
By Sierra A.
The Vanilla is my favorite. it's sweet. And I think you really can taste the vanilla.
Creamy and tasteful
By Leslie J.
The liquid is rich and with a grat creamy flavor at the same time it is not thin or watery. Taste is amazing and special. Will buy it again!
Excellent in coffee and tea!
By Sophia T.
Excellent in coffee and tea!
Interesting flavor
By Rafi V.
I do not tolerate milk, so I am always looking for alternatives. I came across Lechia and was eager to try it, and I had to get used to the taste, but now I love it. Very similar to Oat milk but still different. You have to try it!
Really tasty and high quality macadamia milk
By Lucas M.
Really tasty high quality milk.Best for coffee but also works well with other drinks.
Good taste
By Michelle K.
I am so happy I tried this macadamia milk. It has a rich, creamy taste that reminds me of a latte from my favorite coffee shop. I also love that it's vegan and low in sugar!
Perfect for lactose intolerance
By Reiner W.
What a great product! I've been lactose intolerant for years, and every time I make a meal, it's such a pain to find milk without lactose. So when I saw this new product, I was super excited to try it out. It tastes amazing on my cereal, and the texture is just right!
Healthy and tasty
By Walther K.
I'm a macadamia milk convert! I bought the macadamia milk because I heard it was good for you and it's healthier than dairy, but I didn't expect to love the taste so thoroughly.
Ingredients and taste are great
By Kevin M.
This macadamia milk is the best I've ever had! It has less sugar than other milks and more omega 3's. It also has the perfect amount of sweetness and a great texture.
Converted me
By Sascha L.
I never thought I'd be one of those people who would pay more for milk just because it was a
Good choice
By Mick A.
I'm a sucker for macadamia nuts, and I've been really into trying out dairy alternatives lately. So when I found out about Lechia macadamia milk, I was all in. Loved the taste and will add it next to the oat milk im currently drinking.
Love the flavour
By Kayle O.
I love the flavor of this stuff—it's perfect for smoothies or just a glass with a snack. And the texture is nice, too—not chalky or watery like some plant-based milks I've tried before.
Glad I found this brand
By Kyle K.
I've been buying macadamia milk for a while now, and I'm so glad I found this brand. It has less sugar than other milks I've tried and is actually loaded with omega 3s! It has a really nice texture and tastes great in coffee.
Non-dairy milk
By Frank U.
If you are looking for milk alternatives definitely try it. Good for the environment and good for your health too!
Fruit + this milk
By Leon T.
I love the combo of fruits and drinking a glass of this.
Heaven in a glass
By Ellis G.
I bought the macadamia milk at Amazon, and I love it! It's so nutritious and organic, and it tastes like heaven in a glass. I don't drink cow milk because my body can't handle dairy, so this is such a great alternative!
Good taste and texture
By Sophie M.
I'm so glad I bought this.I love that it's nutritious, organic, and doesn't come from a cow. Best of all, it's delicious! I just wonder when I can buy it at my go to store.
Im loving it
By Enrico E.
I love this milk! I was looking for a nutritious, organic alternative to cow's milk, and this is it. I use it in my morning smoothies and I've been loving it. It's not overly sweet like some other nut milks can be, and it has a creamy consistency that works great in recipes.
Environment friendly
By Amelie S.
After i tried this i could not go back to regular milk. GIVE IT A TRY and do something for the environment.
Drinking it for a month now
By Lucie M.
since last week i have consumed 2 boxes. Love it!
Lactose free and tasty
By Lucia K.
Lactose free and tasty
Great for the body and the world
By Luise A.
rich in nutrients and sustainable
Im in love!
By Mara B.
I've been trying to cut down on my dairy and animal milk consumption, and macadamia milk has turned out to be an amazing alternative. It's low in calories and high in nutrients, and it has a mild sweetness that's a lot more appealing than the bitterness of almond milk or the overly sweet taste of oat milk. I'm in love!
Please go and try this
By Mareike C.
Great for everyone trying to live with less dairy products
Sweet and nutrious
By Marusha D.
dont need to add sugar to my coffee. loving it
Flax and Chia in a milk?!
By Lolo E.
Did not believe it when i saw it. But it tastes great.
What a milk!
By Lemke F.
My parents loved it when i showed them after they said that non-dairy tastes like nothing.
Great alternative
By Anja G.
I enjoy making coffee or smoothies with it.
Hits the nail
By Brett H.
I despise the taste of regular milk. But this one really hits the nail!
Lechia is go to now
By Noah I.
I LOVE Lechia milk. I'm not one for cow's milk, and almond milk is too watery, but this is a great alternative. It has great taste, it's healthy, and I feel good about my purchase every time!
Good milk
By Luis J.
I love that this milk is healthy but tastes so good! I've tried other products like almond milk and oat milk, but they don't taste as good. This is a better alternative for me since I can't stand the taste of cow milk.
For everyday consumption
By Lana K.
Would drink this everyday if i could
Great milk choice
By Nojus L.
My stepmother always gave me oat milk. Have been trying other non-dairy milks ever since and must say this one tastes really good.
Alternative milk
By Maja M.
I had been looking for a milk alternative and I finally found one that I like! It has a great taste and it's healthy!
New product but great
By Giselle N.
Not true that all new products are bad. I really liked this one even though i have never heard of the brand!!
Big thanks to lechia
By Lara O.
This milk really makes my mornings better. Thank you so much for that.
Substitute milk
By Waren P.
Great as a plain milk substitute but also for cooking or baking.
Storing some on my shelve
By Megan Q.
Always storing some on my shelve from now on!
Amazing product
By Louna R.
What a world to be in! Love all the new non-dairy products coming out
Gave it a chance and love it
By Beth-Ann S.
Decided to give it a chance and will buy it regularly now. Great taste and texture!
Seriously amazing
By Jaime Q.
Never thought id like vegan milk. How wrong I have been!
Did not know this was a thing
By Tommy O.
Try this yourself. I seriously did not think that Macadamia milk was a thing.
Go out and try this milk!
By Luna C.
Really good milk alternative
vegan milk tasting great
By Ethan M.
I absolutely love this milk. I'm vegan, and I was looking for a healthy alternative to cow milk that didn't have any added sugars. This is the perfect solution!
good taste
By Harper T.
good taste
healthy stuff
By Aria A.
The taste is so good, and I feel great about what's going in my body when I pour this milk on my cereal for breakfast every morning.
Had a hard time giving up cow milk but this is a great substitution
By Sebastian D.
I love this! I had a hard time giving up cow milk, but I was looking for something that was healthier, and now I've found it. Thanks, Lechia!
Tasty with no weird ingredients
By Theodore U.
I love this stuff! I don't really drink cow's milk, but I've been trying to eat healthier, so this has been a great addition. It's super tasty with no added sugar and it doesn't have any weird ingredients. Definitely will buy again.
Great milk alternative
By Ethan L.
Having used almond milk for quite a while i was seeking something new. This milk really adds to my experience!
Cant imagine going back to dairy
By Samuel V.
After switching from cow milk to macadamia milk, I can't imagine going back. It's healthy, has a great taste that actually gets better with no added sugar (who would've thought?), and it's a great alternative to dairy milk if you don't want to support the industry.
Worth the price
By Samuel S.
I love this milk! The taste is so good and I feel so much healthier than when I drink cow's milk. The best thing is that it doesn't have any added sugar, and it still tastes better than any other non-dairy milk I've tried before. It's pricey, but I think it's worth it.
Delicious alternative
By Matthew P.
Delicious and good
Good alternative for lactose intolerant people
By Jack N.
I love the taste of this milk! It's much healthier than cow milk and has no added sugar. I'm lactose-intolerant, so it's a good alternative for me. I'm giving it a chance, and so far, I'm loving it!
finally found something i like
By Mila G.
damn i love this
Just ordered a new pack
By Nora B.
Loving this
Perfect for healthy people
By Aria F.
I love this milk! I don't like cow milk, and I'm on a health kick, so this is perfect for me.
Buying it again
By Olivia A.
Great taste
No sugar
By Oliver P.
This milk has zero added sugar, so it's better for me as well as the environment.
Great product
By Layla U.
Product looks great and tastes great too
Can use it with tea or coffee
By Daniel O.
It tastes amazing, and I can use it with coffee or tea.
My husband bought it and i love it
By Elijah A.
My husband bought this without telling me and i fell in love with this.
Worth the money
By Scarlett B.
I've been looking for a healthy milk alternative that doesn't have a ton of sugar added, and I found it in macadamia milk! Yes, it's expensive, but so worth it. I love the taste and how easy it is to mix into my coffee or smoothies.
healthy and creamy
By Michael W.
So I bought this because I am lactose intolerant and wanted to try something a little different. I absolutely love it! You can't tell the difference between this and cow milk. It is so creamy and sweet. Plus, it is healthy!
Give it a try
By James W.
Try this alternative its great
Creamy and no added sugars
By Jackson D.
So glad I found this! I can't have dairy, and this is such a great alternative. It's creamy and tastes great with no added sugar.
Great stuff
By Logan L.
My family loves it.
So good
By Alexander S.
bought it for my wife to surprise her, because she likes to experiment with new products. she loved it!!
Seriously Amazing!
By Eleanor A.
Bought it two weeks ago and finally found time to review it. One word: Amazing!!
Creamy and so good!
By Owen R.
Perfect for breakfast.
What a taste adventure!
By Avery Q.
Really digging this milk! Good Job Lechia!
What a treat!
By Ella U.
This vanilla is treating my gums!
Chia with Vanilla. Wow!
By Mateo W.
My Kids and Wife loved it
Saves my day
By Oliver L.
As someone with lactose intolerance, this milk is a lifesaver! It tastes great and doesn't contain any added sugar—no more worrying about getting sick from milk.
Loving the taste
By Owen B.
There is no cow milk in this house! And this milk is the reason for it.
By Avery T.
Loving it
I tried it
By Evelyn F.
Just try it out its great
Ordered it for my mum
By Elijah V.
My mum loves this and so do it
From boring breakfast to taste explosion
By Scarlett Q.
Making my breakfasts more amazing
Lifesaver in my household
By Chloe L.
This milk is a lifesaver in my household! my baby is lactose intolerant and so i needed something and this is the first milk i feel like i can give to her without feeling guilty as it is so healthy!! seriously good stuff
Tastes great
By Samuel I.
Best milk alternative I've ever tasted
Baked cookies with this milk
By Charlotte B.
Cookies had a small hint of macadamia! how amazing
Refreshing and sweet
By Daniel C.
I don't like cow's milk, but this is a great alternative that tastes even better than the real thing. It's refreshing and sweet without any added sugar.
been trying different options and this one is the best
By Ava H.
I've been buying the [product name] for months now. I've tried a lot of different milks, but I really like the taste of this one best. I can't drink cow milk, so this is a great option for me!
Great for cereals
By Henry M.
I was looking for a milk alternative and tried this product. I love the taste and it works well in my cereal. I also like that there is no added sugar.
In lieu of sugar
By Abigail S.
I really like vanilla milk. I use it next to sugar for baking and its a great substitute.
Nice to have
By Sophia I.
Very nice to have as an emergency milk
Perfect for reducing dietary intake.
By Emily V.
I recently bought this macadamia nut milk, and I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The taste is great, and the texture is smooth and creamy. I don't have any particular dietary restrictions, but I have been trying to reduce my dairy intake, so products like this are perfect for me.
Available on Amazon
By Emma C.
Bought this on amazon and like it for baking as i want to reduce my dairy intake.
Liking it more than almond
By Amelia C.
A bit more of an elegant taste:)
Settles well in my stomach
By Lucas I.
Dairy does not settle well in my stomach so i really like this.
Healthy alternative to dairy
By Ava N.
Omega-3 and has a great taste
Enjoying this milk
By James L.
Delicious taste
Recommended this to friends
By Ellie M.
Thinkin theyll like this too.
My son is lactose intolerant
By Lucas P.
So non-dairy milk is usually in our house. Love this as an addition to oat and almond.
Emergency milk
By Michael G.
Usually have non-dairy as emergency milk. This one is great.
Couldnt have asked for more
By Michael J.
Great taste
Delicious milk
By Benjamin I.
I recently bought a carton of macadamia nut milk from amazon and I was blown away by how delicious it was! The company should include a warning label for anyone who buys this stuff: You will want to drink it straight from the carton.
Can recommend
By Penelope N.
So I bought this macadamia milk a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to say how great it tastes!
Phenomenal without the help of cows
By Mason J.
We recently purchased macadamia milk from lechia, and we have to say… PHENOMENAL! We love it. The taste is great, and we're so glad that now we can enjoy our morning iced coffee without the help of a cow. It's a huge win for us, the environment, and all the cows in the world. Thanks guys!
My go-to from now on
By Gianna E.
Love the combination of taste + health benefits
Putting it in my latte and its great!
By Joseph D.
I just wanted to say that I love your macadamia milk. The taste is out of this world and it makes my latte so rich and creamy. I usually have issues with milk alternatives, but the texture of your milk is perfect.
Love this its very healthy for you
By William M.
Healthy milk and also my kids love it
Even my grandma liked it
By Amelia L.
Usually my grandma is a bit more
Give it a try
By Harper V.
Youll like it probably just as i did
Flax and Chia is great
By Mason B.
Surprised to like this milk that much
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