Macadamia Milk - Original
4.6 | 103 Reviews
Macadamia Milk Original
The original, silky taste of our macadamia milk will fulfill your lightly sweet dreams. Decadent and delightful, its creaminess is unmatched for blending into your favorite drinks and recipes. Time for some versatile and milky goodness.
Good source of fiber
Excellent source of Omega-3
Good source of calcium
Why it's good for you
Nourishment without compromise. Enjoy plant-based milk that is packed with nutrients and encourages a healthier and more sustainable future. Milk that does more.
Omega-3 supports heart and brain health
Fiber supports a healthy digestion
Calcium helps build strong bones
Healthy nutrition
Macadamia and chia and flax, oh my! Filled with fiber, calcium and an excellent source of omega-3s, Lechia is redefining “milk”. Lechia has honed in on delivering a silky and nutrient-packed non-dairy alternative that beats your regular options.
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Totally disappointing
By Michelle G.
That was the biggest disaster. Tastes only of water and a bit of nut paste. For the fact that it is so expensive, I stay with other manufacturers. Totally disappointing.
Tastes like water with sugar
By Elliot D.
My friends recommended it to me, but honestly, it's definitely not worth the money and effort. Tastes only like sweet water and the delivery arrived much too late. For me a no goo.
Not very nice
By Mitch E.
I will stick to classical milk as i find this taste too dull.
Nothing extraordinary
By Seb W.
Taste is okay. Nothing extraordinary. I find the design a bit cheap. But all in all quite okay therefore 3 stars from me.
Good taske but only available on the Internet
By Jon W.
It is quite good from the taste, but to me that's still not worth the money. I prefer to stay with cheaper alternatives. In addition, I find it stupid that you can not find it in the supermarket. It is too time-consuming for me always to order my milk...
I liked it
By Mia L.
Did not blow me away though
Perfect for smoothies!
By Anne M.
I use this every day in my smoothies! The milk has a very good texture and is also very pleasant in taste! Very smooth!
Perfect milk substitute
By Maria L.
This is a perfect milk substitute if you are lactose intolerant you would definitely love this or if you just want something with good flavor and want to be healthier this is for you.
I was amazed by the taste
By Valerie K.
I was amazed by the taste. The consistency is also great for cereals and smoothies. Next, I will try the Macadamia Milk Unsweetened.
Perfect with cofee
By Catherine A.
This is the first time I have tried plant-based milk with macadamia. I love oat milk and thought nothing could beat oat milk, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Macadamia Milk Original is very tasty, and you can taste the nuttiness out, but it is not so dominant. I like to drink my macadamia milk with coffee. I can only recommend it.
No going back !
By Alex L.
I love this milk. Extremely tasty and tastes great with my homemade granola and cofee. Once you start drinking coffe wtih the macadamia mil, there is no going back !
My daughter loves it
By Lori S.
Lechia offers its customers many different variations. You can buy vanilla flavored but also the unsweetened is very tasty. My daughter loves this milk on, saying something because she is the biggest critic. I can recommend.
The delivery was without any problems
By Val L.
Today my order arrived and I am curious. I was allowed to try this milk once with my girlfriend and was thrilled. Therefore, I have re-purchased. The delivery was also problem-free. Hence five stars from me.
Not too sweet and not too strong
By Polo S.
I have been eating vegan for years and am always on the lookout for new things. I have seen the Lechia milk and ordered directly to try. I must admit that I am positively surprised. My favorite flavor is the Macadamia Milk Original. Not too sweet and not too strong, very tasty with granola.
I am a big fan of this product and can highly recommend it
By Marie A.
I think this vegetable milk is just great. The taste, color and price-performance ratio have totally convinced me. I am a big fan of this product and can highly recommend it.
By Nick R.
Love the fact that it is non-gmo. Just great. I have been after a product like this for a long time and now I have finally found the right milk for me. Happy!
The flavor is amazing!
By Josef K.
The flavor is amazing!
Just Yummy!
By Louis S.
In Lechia I found my new favorite milk. Taste great and is very similar to the taste of oat milk. It is a pleasant alternative to conventional milk alternatives.
By James L.
Can't wait to try the product out for more recipes. Tastes just awesome.
Good quality
By Mashall W.
Good quality milk. Ingredients are excellent and the milk doesn't contain any nonsense. The product is just amazing for me, who likes to eat healthy and clean!
By Jessica P.
Always looking for more dairy alternative milk and this one is delicious!!
Love Macadamia
By Elizabeth B.
I am a big enthusiast of macadamia nuts and think this product is just great. Tastes delicious but is not too sweet. Also, the ingredients are all great. Will rebuy them.
Amazing for healthy smoothies
By Jill C.
Amazing for healthy smoothies. I uses the milk for my smoothies and I think its just amazing
Nice and creamy with macadamia flavor!
By Olli K.
Nice and creamy with macadamia flavor!
Low Calories
By Emma J.
Love the fact that it just has 40 calories per cup. Good substitued for milk or almond milk, oat milk etc. In love the fact that it last for so long.
Original is my favorite
By Christian F.
I thought the vanilla was a bit too sweet. Original hits the spot!
Good for my stomach
By Anton E.
Macadamia milk is an amazing, organic product that has helped me and my stomach. I love it!
Buying it again
By Linda L.
Macadamia milk is an excellent way to get in some extra nutrition and live a more organic, environmentally conscious life. I'm not crazy about cow milk, so this is a good alternative for me.
Great for lactose intolerance
By Alyssa M.
I've tried a million different kinds of milk, but none has been as delicious and nutritious. I'm lactose intolerant, so it's hard for me to find something that tastes good and isn't full of chemicals. But this stuff is just organic goodness in a bottle. It's the best!
Great taste
By Christina A.
I'm so glad I bought this macadamia milk. It's super nutritious and organic, AND it tastes great. I can't drink cow's milk, so it's a good alternative for me. Can't wait to try the other flavors!
Great for people with a irritable belly
By Marius L.
I've been looking for a nutritious, organic milk alternative for a while now, and this fits the bill! It's delicious and creamy, but unlike cow milk, it doesn't upset my stomach. I love it!
Liked it
By Martha K.
I like that I can buy milk that's made from macadamia nuts. It's nutritious and organic, but I don't like dairy milk and it's nice to have an alternative.
Delicious milk
By Lisan D.
I've been wanting to try a more nutritious and organic alternative to cow milk, so I was pretty stoked when I heard about this product.I was worried that it might taste bad, but the macadamia milk is actually pretty delicious! I'm looking forward to trying it in my coffee next.
Organic and nutrious
By Amar K.
macadamia milk is the best for people who can't have cow milk. It's nutritious, it's organic, and it tastes great.
Great for my needs
By Nina N.
I bought this macadamia milk because I'm vegan and lactose intolerant. It is a GREAT alternative to cow's milk (which I don't like anyway, but I would drink it if I needed to). Macadamia milk is so nutritious and organic… It's just a great product.
Got to admit
By Susan S.
That i love this milk.
Love this product
By Natascha L.
Tried it the first time two weeks ago. This week me and my husband got through 3 boxes.
Very similiar to cow milk
By Herbert A.
This is amazing! I can't believe it's not cow milk.
Give me more
By Johann B.
Give me more because this is great stuff
non-dairy goes next level
By John E.
Blown away by all the non-dairy alternatives coming up lately. Tastes great
By Jon R.
Amazing product. Bought it for health related reasons (can't digest cow milk) and the taste is maybe even better.
Organic and alternative
By Derek T.
I bought macadamia milk to try something new. I really like how it's nutritious and organic—it's a good alternative to cow milk.
Blown away
By Leyla G.
Blown away by the taste
Recommended to friends
By Sam J.
My friends will love this too.
I like this a lot
By Samuel H.
I like this brand
Buying it regularly
By Kim D.
On my weekly order list!
on my diet plan
By Natascha W.
Definitely putting this on the list for my diet!
me and my friends love it
By Marija D.
me and my friends love it
great for cooking
By Lea L.
I used it for cooking as i do not like the taste of almond and soy milk. I found this pleasant to use.
Dairy alternative
By Merle A.
currently trying out dairy alternatives. loved this one.
strong competition to established brands
By Kolja W.
i think this brand tastes great in comparison to other more mature products.
By Laurence F.
wow! loved it
my children loved it
By Maximilian T.
My children (5 and 8) loved this milk alternative.
By Jim K.
OMG, I LOVE this stuff! It's so nutritious and it also tastes so good. I'm a vegan, so I can't drink cow milk, but this is a great alternative. I wish they sold it in larger containers though, because I go through it pretty quickly.
new stuff and good
By Luise O.
always trying new stuff and this convinced me.
better than almond or oat
By Luiz G.
I really love macadamia milk, and I've tried a few different brands. I don't like cow milk, so it's great to have a healthy alternative. This one tastes way better than other milks like almond or oat, so on top of being good for me, it's also delicious.
Good for substituting milk
By Carla G.
The first time I tried macadamia milk, I was expecting it to taste like the nuts, but instead it tasted like milk and felt like milk. loved it!
Good for the environment and tasty
By Carl O.
I went to the store specifically looking for healthy alternatives to cow milk, because I know how bad cow milk is for the environment. I didn't want almond milk, and I didn't want oat milk—those taste too much like their respective ingredients. Macadamia milk was so much better than those.
Better than cow milk
By Karl K.
I never thought that it would be better than cow milk. But it is!
More omega-3 than other alternatives
By Suzan O.
I love this stuff! I'm not a big fan of cow's milk, so I've been looking for an alternative for a while. This macadamia milk tastes better than the almond and oat milks I've tried, and it's a lot healthier too.
Glad to have found this brand
By James E.
I am LOVING this macadamia milk! I'm not a big fan of cow's milk, and I wanted to switch to a plant-based alternative, but I didn't think almond or oat milk tasted great. I'm so glad I found Lechia! It has the perfect amount of sweetness, and honestly tastes better than cow's milk. Thanks for making such an amazing product!
Very good
By Jamis A.
Wanted to try a milk alternative and got this. It has a great taste, and I'm glad it's a healthy option that is not nut or oat milk. Would recommend if you want to stay away from cow milk!
Im a fan!
By Leon S.
I've been looking for an alternative to cow's milk, and this is the first product I've found that actually feels like a satisfying substitute. It's got a great taste and texture, and I know it's healthy. I'm a fan!
love macadamia nuts and this milk
By Leo E.
I'm a huge fan of macadamia nuts, so when I heard about this new macadamia milk I knew right away that I had to try it. Because I don't like cow's milk, and the almond and oat milks I've tried are always too sweet, macadamia milk seemed like a great alternative. And it is! It's creamy, it's healthy, and it tastes great in cereal. Definitely my new favorite nut milk.
Substitute for cow milk
By Oliver K.
Best milk substitute ive tried so far. Did not like the soy alternatives.
Takes non-dairy to a new level
By Michael E.
Takes non-dairy to a new level. Love it!
Great addition
By Rens E.
great addition next to oat and soy milk
great complement!
By Kai K.
I find this to be a great complement for cow milk
Chia and Flax in a milk is surprising
By Evelyn G.
But i loved it.
This product is very good
By Sebastian A.
I bought this macadamia milk on a whim, thinking it would be a good alternative to dairy milk, but I had no idea it would be so delicious. It's creamy and filling without being heavy, and that hint of macadamia nut is perfect—not too sweet but with a natural sweetness that doesn't require any added sugar.
Try the Original one!
By Mason A.
Original is the best in my opinion
Get this milk
By Luna A.
Loved the taste. Creamy and rich in taste
By Emily B.
I am in love with macadamia milk. I've never been a fan of cow's milk and I was really excited to try this as a healthier alternative. The taste is incredible, and it tastes even better knowing that there are no added sugars or artificial flavors. Highly recommend!
Great alternative milk
By Evelyn W.
I bought the macadamia milk and I love it! I'm vegan and don't like cow's milk so this is a great alternative for me.
Good product
By Theodore O.
Love the cream
Finally found a good milk
By Jackson R.
Just discovered Macadamia milk and I'm loving it! Tastes so much better than other nut milks, and is so much healthier than cow milk. No added sugar and tastes great in my morning coffee!
Yummy taste
By Sebastian G.
I love macadamia milk. I wish I had realized it sooner—I've been on the hunt for a good alternative to cow's milk. The taste is so yummy.
Such a good taste and perfect for vegan diets
By Liam R.
Perfect for vegans
Tasting good
By Noah K.
Love the taste
My wife loves it
By Ava F.
Me and my wife love this product.
Saw it at Amazon and it was a good purchase
By James E.
Happy to have bought this product
Treating myself!
By Logan S.
Love it
Tasting delicious
By Jack C.
Finally! A milk that actually tastes good.
So good
By John G.
Cant stand cows milk and this alternative was the best option so far.
Love this one
By Emily W.
I'm allergic to cow's milk and have been desperately searching for a non-dairy alternative that's not chalky or bland. This is it!
By Ellie V.
I don't even like cow milk, but I love macadamia milk.
By Jacob D.
Wow! This is the tastiest macadamia milk I've ever had.
New to the alternate milk world but this was good
By Sebastian B.
I'm new to using macadamia milk, but it's so good! I don't like cow milk, so I was looking for an alternative and this is it. The taste is great and it's easy to find!
Perfect for vegans
By Elizabeth E.
Perfect for a vegan diet
cant stand cow milk and this is it
By Isabella K.
cant stand cow milk and this is it
Vegan milk
By Mila I.
people becoming vegan this milk is definitely a great option
Original taste!
By Elijah D.
I'll admit, I was somewhat wary about buying this product because of the price. However, once I tasted the macadamia milk I was in love! I have repeatedly bought the brand and have never been disappointed. It is my go-to drink in the morning, and I'm looking forward to trying more flavors.
Love the taste of it
By Camila J.
Switched my entire family over to this milk.
Keeping this in my cupboard
By Abigail M.
Great alternative to dairy or soy
Best dairy substitute
By Gianna F.
Loving the taste and the cream
Loving the vanilla flavored one!
By Camila G.
Not too strong with a bit of nut in it.
Thank you for the product
By Amelia S.
My son never liked almond milk but he loves this!
Really loving it for post-workout
By Aiden A.
Using it with my protein poweder and its an amazing combination
Good milk
By Elizabeth K.
Usually i go with Soy Milk but this one has really surprised me! Will buy it again.
Like the taste and the nutty flavor
By Liam H.
Also good to add to oatmeal
Delicious with morning cereals
By Matthew B.
I find the Macadamia Milk Original to be very delicious with my morning cereals
Try it its a great alternative
By Sophia B.
This is a good alternative to normal milk just try it you may like it.
Such a good milk
By Harper K.
I got the macadamia milk and it was so yummy!
Great for my new diet
By Aiden W.
I have been working out lately and this milk is great as its super healthy for my diet.
The Vanilla version is it for me!
By Mason B.
Love the vanilla taste but the original is also great
Really liking this milk
By Lucas A.
Tasty, healthy
Great for coffee
By Mateo V.
Using it in my morning coffee! Great taste.
Usually going for oat but this is grewat
By Logan U.
Usually im a big fan of oat milk but this one is great
Great taste and i love it
By Jack I.
The macadamia milk has a great taste and I love it.
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