Macadamia Milk - Unsweetened
4.7 | 271 Reviews
Macadamia Milk Unsweetened
Our macadamia milk will fulfill your taste for silky simplicity — without any added sugar. Decadent and delightful, its creaminess is unmatched for blending into your favorite drinks and recipes. Time for some versatile and milky goodness.
Good source of fiber
Excellent source of Omega-3
Good source of calcium
Why it's good for you
Nourishment without compromise. Enjoy plant-based milk that is packed with nutrients and encourages a healthier and more sustainable future. Milk that does more.
Omega-3 supports heart and brain health
Fiber supports a healthy digestion
Calcium helps build strong bones
Healthy nutrition
Macadamia and chia and flax, oh my! Filled with fiber, calcium and an excellent source of omega-3s, Lechia is redefining “milk”. Lechia has honed in on delivering a silky and nutrient-packed non-dairy alternative that beats your regular options.
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Macadamia Milk - Unsweetened
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Macadamia Milk - Vanilla
Did i order water?
By William S.
Tastes like water
Not worth the money
By Kendall E.
I gave this a try over my regular cow milk diet. The taste did not convince me for the money.
My husband liked it i did not
By Maja M.
Me and my husband try out new things regularly. With this one our opinions differed - he liked the taste but i thought it was too sweet.
My favorite is the unsweetened macadamia milk
By Charles K.
I have tried all flavors and I must say that the unsweetened version is my favorite Macadamia milk. I can highly recommend.
As good as Almond milk
By Henry F.
But a bit more expensive than the almond milk i usually buy
Love it but quite expensive
By Jackson C.
The taste is really good. Hopefully the price will decrease in the future a bit.
The unsweetened macadamia milk has been my favorite!
By Tyler T.
I used to be a milk-alternative skeptic, but now I’m hooked. These are the best milks for recipes! Truly a perfect texture for blending into absolutely anything. The unsweetened macadamia milk has been my favorite to bake and cook with so far. A must try!
A good alternative to milk
By Alyssa F.
I've been looking for sugar-free milk alternatives for a long time and found what I was looking for at Lechia. I have tried it for several weeks now and it goes well with coffee, smoothies, cereals and is also good for baking. My friends are also thrilled.
I gave it a try, Suprised!!
By Marc F.
I was pleasantly surprised by the texture, quality and taste of this milk. It was not too thick and pleasant to drink. The packaging is also very attractive. All in all, I am satisfied with the product!
Perfect with black tea!
By Laura M.
Again another trustworthy brand that seems to market itself more than others is totally worth every penny! Love the taste, texture and you can just use them in so many different dishes. Love drinking my black tea with the unsweetened.
Amazing for Chia puddings
By Jasmine O.
Chia pudding with this milk tastes extremely good. I have already tried many nut milk and must say that the Lechia taste the best. I always have two packs in stock and recommend this milk alternative to my friends and family.
Can be used for different things
By Carla R.
Taste is great for different things like coffee or baking.
Top for non-dairy
By Carl C.
This milk is better than other altenatives i have tried before.
Good for my diet
By Jack U.
I've been trying to cut down on sugar, so I was really excited when I found macadamia milk! It has less sugar than other milks and is packed with omega 3s.
Delicious taste
By Liam L.
Delicious taste and great for my coffee
Adds something to my routine
By Lennart J.
Saw it on Amazon and gave it a try. definitely adds to my daily mornings
Good milk alternative
By Paul T.
Perfect substitute for people like me who are lactose intolerant.
Pricy but tasty
By Finn E.
Worth the price. Loved it and will add to my weekly groceries.
Cutting out dairy
By Olaf F.
I've been trying to cut out dairy, but I find that a lot of other plant-based milks aren't as nutritious or don't have enough omega 3. [Company name] is the first one I've tried that seems to be genuinely healthy and organic—and it tastes delicious too.
Macadamia for the win
By Nadja K.
I love this macadamia milk. It has so much less sugar than other milks, but it's still super sweet and delicious. And I love that it's nutritious, organic, and packed with omega 3!
Omega-3 wins it for me
By Dana M.
I have always tried to include a lot of Omega-3 in my diet. Having this milk in my shelf makes it so much easier!! thanks
health and taste
By Barbara O.
I recently bought the macadamia milk and I love it! I've been on a real health kick lately, so I'm glad to find a milk that has less sugar and more omega-3 than other milks on the market. And it's organic and nutritious, too!
My kids love it
By Brent S.
I love the fact that this is nutritious and organic, because I've spent a long time looking for something like this to give to my kids. It's hard to find things that are good for them but also make them happy, but this does both!
Good for the whole family
By Gregor P.
Not only is it delicious, but it's nutritious and organic. My whole family enjoys them, and I will be recommending them to my friends!
By Luisa K.
Love the omega-3 richness
By Sien P.
tasty, nutritious and preserves good on the shelve
Love it
By Kristen W.
Using it for two weeks now. Love it.
Good alternative
By Gent O.
I bought the macadamia milk, and it's really nutritious and organic. I don't like cow's milk, but this is a good alternative.
Daughter loved it
By Brett A.
My daughter is lactose intolerant so we regularly try out different brands. she really liked this one.
Love the unsweetened one
By Max N.
Love the unsweetened version.
Creamy and healthy
By Miguel E.
Absolute banger of a milk
Good alternative to cows milk
By Amelia L.
I've never been a big fan of cow's milk, but I do love the idea of adding something nutritious and organic to my coffee. This is the perfect alternative, in my opinion!
Perfect as a vegan
By Megan F.
I've been looking for an alternative to cow milk for a while now, and the macadamia milk is just the thing. It's so nutritious and made with organic ingredients, which is always a bonus. I'm allergic to almonds, but macadamias are just as good!
Approved by the family
By Anja K.
Ordering this in bulk now as it tastes good.
Love macadamia milk
By Tom A.
I was so excited to find your macadamia milk! I'm a huge fan of macadamias, but also love how nutritious they are. It's hard to find a delicious and organic milk alternative that doesn't have soy.
Perfect for vegan diets
By Marshall L.
I drink a lot of milk, and I love the taste of macadamia nuts. But I'm also vegan, so I don't want to be drinking cows' milk. This is perfect for me! It's organic and nutty, but not too strong or sweet.
By Maria C.
I am on a diet and this product is perfect for my dietary needs.
good and organic
By Dana D.
I bought this and really love it! I'm not a fan of cow milk, so it's good to have a nutritious, organic alternative. It goes well with almost anything, and the fat content is great for when you want to splurge a little.
Glad i bought this
By Eduard F.
Wow! I was really skeptical about buying this, but I'm glad I did!
More organic than dairy!
By Sophie G.
I felt like I needed to eat healthier and more organically, but dairy products always made me feel bad. This is a great alternative for me.
Substitute for cow milk
By Bennett T.
Hearing all the news about climate change i thought it was time for me to make a change. Loving this milk after trying out soy and almond too.
Great taste and texture
By Jonathan E.
Great taste and texture. This product is really good.
Liking it!
By Johnsen H.
Liking it a lot and would purchase again.
Value to my life!
By Mary T.
After I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, cow milk was out of the question.I tried almond milk and oat milk, but they just weren't right for me. I've always been a big fan of nuts, so when I heard about Lechia macadamia milk, I figured it'd be worth a shot. And wow! It was DELICIOUS! Not only did it taste great in my cereal and smoothies, but it was also so much healthier than any other dairy-free alternatives. Thanks to this amazing company, I can have my favorite foods again!
Healthy and tasty
By Allison G.
I'm so glad I decided to try [product name]! I love the taste and the fact that it's healthy. It's a great alternative to cow milk, which I can't stand.
Great choice of product
By Kathie J.
I bought a carton of this milk because I wanted to try something new, and I'm so glad I did. It's a great substitute for cow milk if you don't like the taste, but it's also much better than other alternatives like almond or oat milk. It has a great flavor and it's healthy!
Great alternative to almond oat or cows milk
By Katha V.
I am super into almond milk, but I've been trying macadamia milk this month. I drink it every morning in my coffee and I'm really liking it! It tastes better than oat and it's a great alternative to cow's milk.
Glad i found this product
By Jan M.
I'm so glad I found this product. I've never been able to drink cow milk, and I was starting to get tired of oat milk and almond milk. The macadamia milk is a great alternative that's actually good for you, and it tastes really good too!
Loving it
By Jan-Luca B.
I love macadamia milk. I'm lactose intolerant, so I don't drink cow's milk or eat cheese, but I miss the creamy taste of dairy. Macadamia milk is the closest thing I've found to a healthy alternative that tastes good! When all my other friends were drinking almond and oat milk, I was holding out for something better. Now it's here!
Random purchase but very surprised
By Milan N.
Stumpled upon it on Amazon and must say i did not expect this taste. Amazing!
Regulary grocery item now
By Leander P.
I love this product! I can't have cow milk due to allergies, and while I like almond milk, I wanted to try something different. I am so glad that I did. This has a much better taste than other alternatives, and it's super healthy! It's one of my regular grocery items now!
No added sugars and still tasty
By Evelyn C.
I have a hard time drinking cow milk and have tried many alternatives. Of all of them, this macadamia milk is my favorite! It has a great taste and it's super healthy—I love that it has no added sugars.
Very good
By Ashley D.
I love this product so much!
Healthier and better than cows milk
By Liza U.
I love the milk. I'm not a big fan of cow's milk, but this is the perfect alternative. It tastes so much better than almond or oat milk, and it's healthier, too!
Perfect alternative
By Jasmine W.
I am a huge fan of macadamia milk. I find that it's the perfect alternative to cow's milk, and it tastes more like real milk than almond or oat milk—and I don't just say that because I'm biased against those other
Couldnt have liked it better
By Amy B.
Couldnt have liked it better
mucho gracias!!
By Yvonne M.
thank you so much
very tasty
By Erika C.
tasty and healthy = i love it
Baked cookies with it
By Daniel S.
Cookies tasted great and kids were happy
Better than other milks
By Daniella C.
I have to say, I love this macadamia milk.
Cant believee this taste
By Hillary E.
It's so healthy, and it tastes SOOO much better than almond or oat milk.
Alternative for my cereals
By Caitlyn B.
I can't have cow milk, but this is a great alternative for my cereal in the morning!
Glad i found it
By Kesh U.
I'm so glad I found this product!
Tastes dope!!
By Stace N.
Will buy it more often becasue i think this tastes dope!
Wasnt a fan of any milk until this - so glad!
By Stepahnie H.
I've been avoiding cow milk for years and years, but I also wasn't a fan of almond or oat milk, so I was stuck not drinking any kind of milk. When I saw that lechia had created a macadamia milk, I thought it was worth a try… and I am so happy I did!
try it out!
By Abby Q.
Please try it you will not regret (and if you will its only some bucks)
good for your digestion
By Susanne H.
It's creamy, delicious, and easy to digest. It has a nice nutty flavor that isn't too strong. It's my new go-to in coffee, tea, and even just by itself.
Addicted to this
By Suzan B.
I was looking for a healthier alternative to cow milk that wasn't almond or oat milk (which I both tried and hated), so I was so happy when I found macadamia milk! I love the healthy fats and vitamins, and it tastes great. I am addicted!
By Nancy K.
great product
Im sold on this
By Heather T.
I've been looking for a healthy alternative to cow milk for a long time now, and I think I've finally found it. Macadamia milk is creamy, delicious, and absolutely delightful! Not only does it taste better than almond or oat milk, I feel great drinking it. After trying this product, I am sold.
Amazon got the best stuff
By Chloe T.
Always surprised by how amazon always gets the good stuff on their page
love love love
By Layla F.
I bought this milk to use in smoothies because I don't really like cow's milk and I want something healthy, and it's great! It tastes so much better than almond or oat milk, and even though it costs a little more, it's totally worth it for the taste. Love love love!
Game changer for me
By William A.
I have been looking for a substitute to cow milk and have tried both almond and oat milk. They were ok but not great. Macadamia milk is a real game changer. It has great taste and it is healthy. I highly recommend it!
as a vegetarian i can recommend this
By Noah C.
I'm a vegetarian who doesn't like the taste of cow's milk, but I love macadamia nuts, so I figured that I'd give macadamia milk a try. definitely worth it
Taste buds are happy
By Isabella C.
I love this macadamia milk! I've been looking for a healthier alternative to cow milk, and lechia milk is perfect. It has all the essential nutrients and vitamins I need, with no added sugar. My taste buds are super happy about it, too!
Wow effect!
By Theodore S.
When drinking this the first time I had a wow effect!
Unsweetened was good
By Samuel K.
Make sure to get the unsweetened version. Loved it and its great for smoothies. The original was is a bit too sweet in my opinion.
Love the taste ot macadamia
By Wyatt Q.
I've never been much of a milk person, but I love macadamia nuts and thought I'd give macadamia milk a try. It was great! The taste was so much better than cow's milk and it didn't have added sugar. It was a good alternative for me because I love the taste of macadamia nuts.
By Mila C.
This is a great product! I bought it because I don't like cow milk and wanted to try something new. It's delicious on its own, but it's even better in coffee with no added sugar. I'm definitely going to buy this again!
Dairy free greatness
By Levi F.
I have been dairy free for a while now, and I got so tired of soy milk. It seemed like they all tasted the same after a while, or they would taste really good but then I would see that there was sugar added to it. This macadamia nut milk tastes great, and it's also unsweetened. I love it!
Such good milk!
By Sofia N.
This stuff is the best. Get it before it's gone! I don't even like cow milk, so I was looking for a good alternative, and this is the best thing I've tried. It's smooth, creamy, and tastes delicious—all without any added sugar. Highly recommend!
A taste journey
By Penelope Q.
What a great product. Loving the slightly nutty taste in combination with being super creamy!
Excited about this
By Penelope B.
I'm so excited about this milk! I love the creamy, nutty taste and it's great for making lattes.
Creamy, nutty and delicious
By Wyatt A.
I bought this milk to try something new, and I was NOT disappointed! It's creamy, nutty, and delicious. I'm going to buy a bunch of it just so I always have it on hand.
Recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new
By Liam N.
I drink macadamia milk every morning and I love it. It tastes great and goes well in my cereal. The milk is also very healthy for you. I would recommend this milk to anybody who is looking for a different milk product to try out.
Good in coffee
By Jack R.
This macadamia milk is the bomb! I'm so glad I bought it. The taste is great, and it makes my coffee so much better than milk does—which is saying a lot, because milk is pretty good in coffee, too. Highly recommend this product!
Great alternative to soy and dairy
By Ella U.
Have been using soy and cow milk interchangeably. Now i have a third option to choose from.
Unexpectedely delicious
By Sofia P.
I bought the macadamia milk, and I've gotta say—it was great! The taste was smooth, light, and unexpectedly delicious. I'm hooked.
More nutritious than cows milk
By Wyatt P.
I can't believe how good this tastes. I bought it because I was looking for something healthier than cow's milk and a friend told me about it. It's soooo good! And it's not just the taste—it's a lot more nutritious, too.
Great product
By James A.
Thanks for the great product!
Perfect amount of sweetness
By Luna E.
My macadamia milk arrived today, and I have to say, I don't think I've ever tasted anything so delicious! It has just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess, and it works perfectly in all my recipes—from baked goods to smoothies. Keep doing what you do!
By Michael N.
I can't believe how delicious this macadamia milk is. I tried it as a substitute for almond or soy milk, and now I don't think I'll ever go back to those other things. It's such a rich, creamy texture and the taste is just fantastic.
Favorite non-dairy milk
By Nora O.
I'm going to be honest: I didn't think I was going to like macadamia milk. It seemed too nutty, and I was worried the flavor would be overpowering or gritty. Boy was I wrong! This stuff is amazing, and it's now my new favorite non-dairy milk.
Something different to it
By Joseph C.
I'm not usually one to write reviews, but this stuff is SO GOOD. I mean, it's just macadamia milk… but there's something different about it.
Better than almond and soy
By Ella C.
It tastes better than almond milk, and even though I'm a huge fan of soy milk, I think this gets close to it, too.
Best milk I have tried
By Aiden Q.
I bought this milk to try because I love macadamia nuts, and it did not disappoint. It's the best milk I've tried, and I'm a huge fan of almond milk!
Son liked it in cereals
By John W.
Bought it for my vegetarian son. He says he liked it in his cereals.
Kids love it
By Alexander H.
This is a great product! I've bought it for my kids, and they love the taste. It's definitely got a smooth, well-rounded taste to it. They love pouring it into their cereal every morning, and I love that it helps them get the vitamins and nutrients they need!
Great consistency and taste
By Aria M.
Really liking this
Never heard of the brand but its good
By Noah C.
Good taste and its creamy
Not too sweet
By Ethan N.
Like that its not too sweet - sometimes I find almond to be overly sweet.
low sugar!
By Olivia T.
Love that its so low in sugar
Organic food
By Mateo T.
I have been trying to eat more vegan/organic and this milk makes it easier because its good
Baked lemon cookies with it
By Theodore P.
So i recently baked lemon cookies with it and i must say that the nutty addition is actually surprisingly good
Mother in-law likes it
By Camila W.
I bought the macadamia milk for my mother-in-law, and it's quickly become a staple in her coffee every morning. She says it's delicious, and I have to agree—it tastes so good!
Surprised my husband with it and he loves it
By Benjamin P.
Me and my husband are quite experimental so i gave this a shot as a surprise and he loved it.
Drinking this regularly
By Elizabeth I.
Ive been buying soy for a year now and was feeling to try out something new. Super happy i gave this milk a shot!
Mixing it with frozen fruits for my baby
By Emma U.
Because of the high omega-3 levels i mix it with fruits to give to my baby. Tastes great and its healthy for him.
Absolutely delicious
By Mateo T.
I just purchased your macadamia milk and it's absolutely delicious. Super creamy, and it tastes like a milkshake! I'd love to see more flavors.
Best non-dairy milk
By Levi J.
This is the best milk I've ever tasted.
Cannot get enough
By Grace O.
I cant get enough of this milk
Goes great with coffee
By Jacob E.
It's so good—especially in coffee!
Will not completely substitute dairy milk but great start
By Emma D.
This milk is actually super good and is able to partially substitute cow milk for me
Cant wait to have it again!
By Grace H.
I bought macadamia milk, and I was so excited to try it. It did not disappoint! It's got a great taste, and I can't wait to have it again.
Out of the carton and with cereals!
By Nora R.
I bought the macadamia milk a few weeks ago and I'm in love. It's great on its own or with cereal, but my favorite way to drink it is just straight out of the carton. It's got such a great taste!
Unsweetened version is amazing
By Liam A.
I picked up some of this macadamia milk about a week ago and haven't looked back. It tastes great, works in coffee, and has way less sugar than the almond milk I used to buy! I don't know why it took me so long to try this—it's definitely my new favorite.
Delicious and healthy
By Logan U.
What a great addition to my non-dairy milk shelve!
Not artificallly sweet
By Henry L.
Ive found myself to think that other milks often taste artifically sweet. this milk doesnt.
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