Macadamia Milk - Vanilla
4.5 | 108 Reviews
Macadamia Milk Vanilla
The silky, vanilla taste of our macadamia milk will tantalize your taste buds — without the added sugar. Decadent and delightful, its creaminess is unmatched for blending into your favorite drinks and recipes. Time for some versatile and milky goodness.
Good source of fiber
Excellent source of Omega-3
Good source of calcium
Why it's good for you
Nourishment without compromise. Enjoy plant-based milk that is packed with nutrients and encourages a healthier and more sustainable future. Milk that does more.
Omega-3 supports heart and brain health
Fiber supports a healthy digestion
Calcium helps build strong bones
Healthy nutrition
Macadamia and chia and flax, oh my! Filled with fiber, calcium and an excellent source of omega-3s, Lechia is redefining “milk”. Lechia has honed in on delivering a silky and nutrient-packed non-dairy alternative that beats your regular options.
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Macadamia Milk - Vanilla
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Waste of money
By Sam S.
Tastes synthetic and is too sweet. My son loves vanilla milk and therefore I thought it was a good alternative to conventional vanilla milk....but it just tastes synthetic and is incredibly sweet. What a waste of money.
Too artificial
By Kylie R.
I thought the taste was a bit too artificial.
Okayish taste but too expensive
By Charlotte H.
Its okay but do not think worth the price
Good alternative to milk
By Jo C.
Good alternative to milk. Also priced this milk is ok... will repurchase it :)
Amazing taste
By Gianna C.
Better than other milk alternatives I have tried before. Would buy it again.
Love it but a bit pricey
By John R.
Good taste but a bit too much for my wallet
New flavors would be great
By Sofia K.
This is the most delicious milk I have ever tasted. I only wish it came in chocolate flavor, because then I would drink nothing but this!
My family loves it!!
By Adriana R.
My whole family is absolutely hooked on your milks! We are very clean-eaters, so a non-GMO, organic, gluten-free and totally plant-based milk that is also packed with nutrients has been perfect for us. My 8-year-old refuses to use any other milk in her cereal!
The Macadamia Milk Vanilla is my favorite
By Cara J.
I've cut out Diary products and switched to Lechia, and it was the best decision of my life! The Lechia Macadamia Milk Vanilla is my favourite.
The Macadamia Milk with Vanilla is perfect
By Samantha S.
The Macadamia Milk with Vanilla is the perfect flavour to satisfy a sweet craving! Dairy-free and less sugar! Smooth and creamy, not too rich but just sweet enough!
Nutty sweet vanilla taste
By Dan D.
Yummy vanilla milk. Perfect for cerials and vanilla cookies.
Delicious and healthy
By Mike R.
Like most people, I love milk. But for a long time I couldn't find one that was delicious AND healthy—lots of milks are light on the sugar but heavy on weird soy flavors, or they have a ton of sugar, or there's no omega 3 to speak of.
Good milk
By George B.
I just want to thank you for your product! I'm always looking for alternatives to cow's milk but am picky about the taste. I bought this on a whim and was surprised at how much I liked it!
By Anja K.
I'm a big fan of milk alternatives, especially ones that are vegan and have less sugar and more omega 3 than other milks. And this one is so delicious! It's creamy and smooth, not too sweet—a perfect treat for breakfast or dessert!
Rich in taste
By Lucie B.
Can't complain - I really liked the taste and its also healthy.
Good balance of sweetness
By Michael O.
Loved the taste and would recommend.
Great taste
By Robbie P.
Great taste I tried the Vanilla one
New delicious brand
By Chiara L.
This macadamia milk is amazing. It's got less sugar and more omega 3 than other milks. It's a new brand, and I think it has real potential! I love that it's organic, too!
Always suprised when trying something new
By Lisann P.
I bought the macadamia milk because I wanted to try something new. It's less sweet than other milks and has more Omega 3 than other brands, which is a big deal to me. I really like that it's a new brand, because I'm constantly on the lookout for new foods that taste great and are good for me.
By Brent B.
This macadamia milk is the 'nuts!' I've been looking for a milk with less sugar, and I found it here. This milk is also a great source of Omega 3s, compared to other milks. It tastes great and feels great in my body! I love that it's a new brand, because you can tell they have put some thought into their product.
hate dairy love nuts
By Dan D.
i hate milk, but i love macadamia nuts, so this is a really great product for me. what i like about it is that its not too sweet and has more of the omega 3 fatty acids than other milks. i mean, its still a bit sweet, but its not super gross like most of the other milks. also, i love that it comes from a new company.
Supporting new products
By Tom F.
It's got less sugar than the other macadamia milk I've tried and more omega 3. It's a healthier choice, but it doesn't taste any different from the other milks I've had. Plus, it's fun to support a new brand.
tastes great
By Brad C.
tastes great and my 5-year old loves it :)
Best non-dairy milk so far
By Kolja L.
This is the best non-dairy milk i have tried so far. Would recommend it to anyone to give it a shot!
better than milk
By Lasse P.
tastes better and actually has more nutrients (Omega-3)
Good milk alternative
By Albert E.
Found it on Amazon and must say i really liked it.
Great w. protein shakes
By Mitch D.
I love to put it in my protein shakes as it adds the extra healthiness with omega 3 to it
Who still buys normal milk?
By Adam S.
I wonder who buys normal milk when there are such healthy and tasty alternatives on the market already.
Macadamia Vanilla tastes good
By Muhammad M.
Liked the taste:) not too sweet not too soft
Very delicious
By Natascha L.
I used it for baking, coffee and my smoothies. Tastes great!
Good for the environment
By Miriam C.
I bought this milk at Amazon and I love it! It's nutritious, it's organic, and most importantly, I don't have to drink cow milk.
Great for cooking
By Jack P.
Used the unsweetened version for cooking and must say great substitute for the oat milk.
By Nick K.
To be honest: I am surprised it tastes that good. Will buy it again!
Thank you
By Max N.
For making this. I used it on most of the days for my cereals.
First skeptical about it
By Lucas P.
First i was skeptical that macadamias taste too strong in milk. I was proven wrong and must say ill buy it again.
Can recommend
By Dana L.
My friend recommended it to me. I loved the taste and can recommend it to everyone else aswell!
like it
By Nadine I.
At first i did not like it as i tried the unsweetened one but with the vanilla one i must say its worth the price!
Vanilla is my favorite
By Jonathan E.
Having tried Vanilla and Original I like the first more. The vanilla definitely adds to the experience.
love the vanilla taste
By Jamaal L.
creamy and wonderful taste
Good for you and the environment
By Antony A.
Nutritious and non-dairy! Do something for you and the world and try this product.
Love the combination
By Jimmy C.
I love that its not only non-dairy but also low on sugar and because of the macadamia rich in omega 3! What a combination
Lechia is the new go to
By Dana U.
My new go to when ordering my weekly shelve supplies.
good alternative
By Kosta C.
a tasty alternative to dairy products
Better than soy and milk
By Gregory B.
Love this milk! I drink a lot of it, since I don't like the taste or texture of cow's milk and I'm allergic to soy. It's nutritious, organic, and has a great flavor.
Benefits of cow-milk without the cons
By Stacey C.
It is so nutritious and organic, and it's just a really good alternative to cow milk. It has all the same benefits of cow milk but without the cons.
Vanilla tastes amazing
By Cem P.
I love this milk! It's so delicious and nutritious, and unlike most plant milks it actually tastes like milk. I've tried all the different flavors, but my favorite is vanilla—it's sweet without being cloyingly so. I don't eat dairy because of ethical reasons, but now I have a milk that even kids will love. The only downside is that I can't stop drinking it!
must say i love it
By Kyle L.
loving this milk
did not expect it: i really like this
By Lara P.
At first i was hesitant but then i ordered it anyways. Really liking it
big nut fan and my kids love it
By Miriam I.
Myself i love eating nuts so i gave it a try and the whole family loves it.
Love it for smoothies
By Sven U.
Using it for smoothies and it tastes great
good taste
By Chris T.
very good taste
adds to my coffee
By Neil R.
great for the coffee in the morning
nothing compares to this.
By Ben E.
I love this! I can't have cow milk, so I'm always looking for good plant-based alternatives. So far, nothing has compared to lechias products. It's not as watery as almond or oat milk, and it has a natural sweetness that comes from the macadamias themselves. I use it on cereal, in my coffee, and sometimes just drink it straight up!
By Lynne W.
Great to have something next to oat milk
what a treat
By Chloe D.
This milk is an absolute treat!
really loving this.
By Simon F.
buying this again and would recommend it.
Try it yourself
By Lucas G.
Just try it. The tastes amazing and its healthy
Omega-3 rich!
By Simone G.
love omega-3 as its good for the skin. So happy to finally be able to drink tons of it
Great taste
By Simon H.
Especially the vanilla one
Vanilla Milk!
By Oliver D.
This Vanilla taste is amazing. Wow
No added sugar is a gamewinner
By Charlotte O.
I'm loving the Macadamia Milk, it has a great flavor and unlike other plant milks, it has no added sugar.
Super good
By Joseph T.
It's going to be my go-to from now on!
Omega 3 !!
By Abigail G.
Omega 3 is so healthy so i love that its in there
Impressed by this milk!
By Mia K.
Super impressed by this macadamia milk! I have been looking for a good non-dairy alternative to cow's milk, and I have finally found it. This stuff is delicious! It's not coconut-y, which is a relief, because that's all I seem to be able to find in the dairy-free aisle. And there's no added sugar! Will be buying this again.
Been looking for alternatives and found one!
By Benjamin A.
Loving the taste and the cream of it.
Fiber and Omega3
By Matthew C.
Love the health benefits of this milk
What a treat this is
By William M.
Healthy and tasty
Go and try it.
By Noah D.
Try it. Seriously amazing.
Will give it to my kids
By Jackson A.
Me and my wife loved it. Hopefully our kids will too
Sent some to my friends
By Layla H.
Because i liked it so much, i sent some to my friends.
Really liking this one
By Avery V.
Glad i gave it a try
Good for smothies
By Jacob V.
Using it for smoothies and its good.
Tastes great with cereals
By Elijah E.
in the morning for my cereals or for my coffee.
Just crazy
By Olivia J.
How this product tastes so good
Nuts in milk taste actually good
By David C.
Macadamia nuts! and it tastes good
Gamechanger for me
By David B.
So good for my daily breakfast
By Sophia R.
Im cutting back on sugar and love this product as it has no added sugar
Yummy milk
By Aiden I.
I bought this macadamia milk because I am allergic to cow's milk and I was trying to find a substitute that would be both healthy and yummy.
Very good
By Lucas T.
great product
Healthy and good
By Ellie C.
I love the taste of it, especially that it has no added sugar!
Not too sweet just perfect
By Levi A.
Macadamia Milk is a great substitute for cow's milk! I've been buying it for a few weeks now, and I have to say, I love the taste. It's creamy and milky, but not as sweet as some other alternatives that add sugar. I would recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a dairy-free alternative!
Whole family loves it
By Isabella R.
My kids and husband drink it out of the box because its soo good
Giving it to my kids
By Wyatt A.
I want to raise my kids healthy and with all the omega 3 and fibre i believe this is a good alternative to the dairy industry.
Added to my milk supply
By Grace E.
I was worried about trying macadamia milk because I'm so picky about the taste of cow milk, but this is delicious! It's a great alternative for me and I love the flavor. There's no added sugar either which is definitely a plus.
Brilliant product!
By Levi B.
I just love this milk. I've been trying to cut down on animal products, and so I wanted to find an alternative. I'd tried a few different non-dairy milks, but none of them tasted good enough to use in my coffee and cereal. Macadamia milk, however, is perfect! It has a nice creamy texture, and it's not too sweet—I don't even use sugar when I add it to my coffee. Brilliant product!
The omega-3 is it for me!
By Madison R.
I love the health benefits of omega-3.
Good for the environment and for my body
By Madison P.
Love the health effects and that its sustainable
Good alternative for me
By Joseph J.
I just bought this milk and I am loving it. It has such a good taste and since I don't like cow milk, this is a perfect alternative for me.
Works great for my needs
By Ethan L.
Love this
Overall very good
By Gianna G.
No added sugars, tons of omega3 and fibre and a great taste! so good
Better than almond
By Daniel A.
I'm so happy I found Lechia! I've been looking for an alternative to cow's milk for a while, and this stuff is delicious! It tastes better than almond milk, and it doesn't have any sugar added. YUM!
healthy and great taste
By Henry F.
I was really excited to try this, and it totally delivered. Not only does it taste amazing—it's super creamy, not too sweet, and is so much healthier than cow milk! I've been looking for something like this for a long time.
Lechia Vanilla is it for me!
By Oliver B.
Not too sweet not too soft just perfect
Winner in my book!
By Mia A.
Great product! I bought this because I needed a good alternative to cow's milk, which I hate. I love the taste of this stuff. It's sweet and yummy, with no added sugar. Definitely a winner in my book!
Just give it a try
By Alexander B.
Give it a try. I really liked it
Buying this again
By John O.
I'm loving this macadamia milk! I'm not a fan of cow's milk, so this is a great alternative. It has such a nice flavor: it's nutty, but not too nutty, and the sweetness is just right—no added sugar needed. I'll definitely be buying this again.
Amazing Lechia
By David J.
Coming from the west coast ive been drinking almond milk for a while now. But after seeing this on amazon i gave it a try and was seriously amazed.
Better than other milks
By David U.
I'm a long-time cow's-milk hater who's tried tons of different soy, almond, and flax milks, but this is the first one I've found that actually tastes good. It's creamy and sweet, but there's no sugar added, so it's even better for you than all those other options.
More Omega 3 than almond milk
By Jacob F.
I love using Macadamia instead of Almond milk. More Omega-3!!
Absolutely love it
By Madison O.
I absolutely love the original version! It's the best substitute for regular milk I've tried, and I've tried most of them. I have a real sweet tooth, and it's tough to find milk that tastes like it's got sugar in it. But this is it—it tastes great!
Give it a try. I liked it
By Chloe S.
I was skeptical at first but found the taste very pleasing.
Great for smoothies
By Eleanor W.
Using this milk for smoothies and its good.
Great substitute for cow milk
By Daniel F.
As a vegan, it's hard to find a milk substitute that tastes like the real thing. This macadamia milk tastes EXACTLY like cow's milk, and I honestly can't tell the difference!
Great taste and nutritious
By Owen I.
I bought the macadamia milk on a whim and I'm so glad I did! It's got a great taste and I love that it's nutritious. My only feedback would be that I wish there was bigger cartoons :D
Using it in coffee and out of the box
By Eleanor V.
I love this milk. I use it in my coffee and out of the box. Unfortunately a little bit expensive but worth it.
I like Macadamia milk
By Scarlett O.
I like this milk. Its nutritious and tasty and also includes omega3.
Vanilla great w oats
By Owen K.
Love the vanilla version. I add it to my overnight oats and it comes out with this subtle taste of vanilla
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